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GPSR legislative proposal Date  :  4 October 2021 Input from the industry to the EC proposal on a General Product Safety Regulation CPR & BREXIT Date  :  25 June 2020 Position paper about the construction products market after Brexit and the need for an agreement and mutual recognition CPR - Principles to be kept Date  :  15 May 2020 Initial input from Construction Products Europe about the initiative of the European Commission to revise the Regulation 305/2011 - CPR COVID-19 short-term measures and recovery recommendations Date  :  16 April 2020 Position paper on the link between the Green Deal and the announced EU COVID-19 recovery package with construction as the solution provider. Against the repeal of the CPR Date  :  7 December 2017 Construction Products Europe rejects the repeal of the CPR and considers it must be the core regulatory framework for the construction sector in Europe LEVEL(S) Date  :  23 November 2017 Construction Products Europe supports LEVEL(s) and calls for ambitious roll-out Reduced CE marking Date  :  6 June 2017 Position on the potential revision of article 9.2 of the CPR Resource efficient buildings consultation on indicators Date  :  6 October 2016 Additional explanations and inputs to the consultation of the European Commission on indicators for resource efficient buildings Position paper on EURATOM implementation Date  :  6 July 2016 Position paper on the implementation of Basic Safety Standard Directive and assessment of radiation from construction products